to know more about me  

Mata Kourtis was born in Athens the year of "George Orwell". From an early age, singing and music composition have been her passion.

Mata may not have the best relationship with technology – not being your easiest-to-reach person by cell or forcing herself to connect with friends over social media – but she is one of a kind as far as her family and close friends are concerned! If you want to get to know her, therefore, it’s best to do so f2f.

If CV style information is what you’re interested in, then you can definitely read her thorough and serious life story… But if you don’t have an important reason to read it, don’t. Your time may be better spent listening to her music compositions.

Born in Athens, Mata studied Archaeology and Art History at the University of Athens and the University of Poitiers in France. She completed her studies at the "Diomides Photiades" Theatre School, Composition for Cinema, Theatre and the Performing Arts at Music Department of the Ionian University of Corfu and has attended a Physical Theatre Programme for one year under the guidance of well-known artists K. Philippoglou, S. Paschou, and F. Korrou.

She has participated in countless seminars, highlights of which you can see through her:

- Singing: Ccontemporary singing with H. Lyritzis, Bulgarian and Turkish vocal techniques at Ross Daly’s "Labyrinthos" Music Lab.

- Music: Guitar lessons with N. Panagiotides; Ney lessons with H. Lambrakis; western and traditional music at the Athens Conservatory; medieval music, ethnomusicology, and jazz improvisation at Ecole de Musique de Poitiers; percussions and body percussion with Simone Mongelli.

- Dance and theatre:  the International School of Mime “Marcel Marceau” in Paris.

With the a cappella signing group "Sanades" in particular, and in collaboration with the beatbox group "Word of Mouth," she has participated in numerous concerts (World Music Festival of Athens, "Yakinthia Festival" in Crete, Theatre Vrahon, Music Megaron of Athens, to mention a few)

She has participated in theatrical plays  and has collaborated with noted music artists on their albums (Hainides, Mode Plagal, Cantu-Corpu etc.) and in 2013 she was honoured at the 4th  Competition for New Performers Ursa Minor ["Mikri Arktos"].

She composes music for theatre, film and radio.

She is commited to music education of theatre groups and vocal ensembles and adores teaching music to children.